The Life Delicious urban wellness retreats:

Feel EMPOWERED, not overwhelmed.

Connect with your inner wisdom.

Achieve success through self-care. 


*NEW* Vancouver dates at STRETCH Yoga Studio (180 East Pender St.):


June 3: Foundation Retreat

8:00am to 6:00pm

September 23-25: Weekend Retreat

Friday 6:00pm to 8:30pm and Saturday/Sunday 9:00am to 4:30pm

October: TBC

November: TBC


Join me, and an incredible tribe of like-minded comrades, for an immersive, enthusiastic exploration into stress management, mindfulness, positive psychology, self-nurturing, sleep hygiene, physical activity, connection, nutrition for your body, mind and spirit, and so much more!



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The Life Delicious Weekend Retreat curriculum outline:

  • MODULE 1: Trifecta of Wellness, Mood, Food and Fitness Journal, neuroplasticity
  • MODULE 2: Body basics, fitness basics
  • MODULE 3: Strength
  • MODULE 4: Rituals for mind-body-spirit nutrition
  • MODULE 5: The science of negative thinking, emodiversity
  • MODULE 6: Flexibility
  • MODULE 7: Positive psychology
  • MODULE 8: Brain hygiene, meditation
  • MODULE 9: Self-love
  • MODULE 10: Cardio
  • MODULE 11: The power of curiosity and questions
  • MODULE 12: Super-charge your brain
  • MODULE 13: Sleep
  • MODULE 14: Gut health
  • MODULE 15: Detox
  • MODULE 16: Connection   


The Life Delicious Foundation Retreat curriculum outline:

  • MODULE 1: Trifecta of Wellness, Mood, Food and Fitness Journal, neuroplasticity
  • MODULE 2: Body basics, fitness basics
  • MODULE 3: Strength
  • MODULE 4: Rituals for mind-body-spirit nutrition
  • MODULE 5: The science of negative thinking, emodiversity
  • MODULE 6: Flexibility
  • MODULE 7: Positive psychology, brain hygiene, meditation
  • MODULE 8: Sleep
  • MODULE 9: Cardio


What you get:


Weekend Retreat

  • an immersive, enthusiastic exploration into YOU!
  • learning alongside an incredible tribe of like-minded individuals
  • amazing nutritious food, including light snacks on Friday evening, and breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks on Saturday and Sunday
  • 3 short and sweet workouts
  • closing ceremony on Sunday afternoon
  • a fabulous goody bag
  • 30-minute private coaching session, via Skype or phone (valued at $99)
  • Investment: $849 + GST

Foundation Retreat

  • an immersive, enthusiastic exploration into YOU!
  • learning alongside an incredible tribe of like-minded individuals
  • amazing nutritious food, including breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks
  • 3 short and sweet workouts
  • closing ceremony on Friday evening
  • a fabulous goody bag
  • 30-minute private coaching session, via Skype or phone (valued at $99)
  • Investment: $449 + GST


Whether you want to achieve greater success, lose weight, improve your health, reduce your risk of disease, or just be happier, The Life Delicious programs will help you customize your lifestyle to LIVE your DREAMS!


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Here’s what alumni are saying about The Life Delicious curriculum:


“My experience with Catherine and The Life Delicious Urban Wellness Retreat was outstanding! As an alumni coming back to this retreat after 6 months, I felt like I came in with fresh ears and learned even more new ways to find balance and tools to use when I’m feeling misaligned or off. Previously, I have already implemented many elements from my first retreat into my life, so it was great to plant some new seeds and focus on some other seeds that I had previously planted but have been neglecting. Doing this for the second time, I cultivated appreciation for all of life’s blessings, paying particular attention to appreciating myself. Catherine’s charisma and passion shines through her work and the material she delivers – she is energetic, accommodating, kind and extremely compassionate. Her ability to create a comfortable and safe environment for everyone encourages people to participate in the various activities that made this retreat interactive and fun. This retreat offered me a much better understanding of the combination of science, health and productivity. I learned numerous skills and techniques that I have started to implement in my life (work, home and personal) to live a happy, healthy, productive and balanced life. I feel grounded and excited about what is to come and I left with a clear action plan for moving forward in my own life.”

~ Amanda


“I thoroughly enjoyed Catherine’s 3-day Urban Wellness Retreat. I really think it is a great thing to do for oneself especially if you find you are too wrapped up in your ‘busy schedule’. Catherine shares her passion for personal health, wellness and self-mastery. She keeps things simple and guided us towards creating an action plan to reach our specific wellness goals. Her background in neuroscience allows for an interesting perspective on health regarding the topic of neuroplasticity and how we always have the capability to learn and change our habits throughout our lives. I am looking forward to checking in with her periodically through 1-on-1 sessions to make sure I am held accountable to reach my goals!

~ Jessy


“The Life Delicious Urban Wellness Retreat was a transformative weekend for me. Learning about the science of health, happiness and productivity is going to positively change both my personal and professional life! Catherine Roscoe Barr is one of the most exceptional speakers and facilitators I have worked with. Her knowledge, enthusiasm and positive spirit kept all of us engaged and motivated. The retreat is structured in a thoughtful and strategic way which incorporates movement, learning, sharing and reflecting. The food served is also amazing and the meals with other participants was one of the highlights for me. The Urban Wellness Retreat is not just for the person who wants to lose weight (though it can help!) but for anyone who want to focus on expanding, improving and growing themselves. I cannot recommend this retreat or Catherine enough! The content I learned is a life changer for me. Thank you Catherine.”

~ Jen



“My experience at Catherine’s Urban Wellness Retreat was nothing short of inspirational. The curriculum was so rich with information and put together in such a way that was easy to follow and understand. There was never a dull moment as we moved seamlessly through lecture to body movement to eating together, this format created such a fast bond for all the participants that it was easy to feel safe and encouraged to share our own truths. Catherine’s relatability and authenticity instilled an intense sense of hope in me that has empowered me to take control of my life. Her genuine desire to help others reach their highest potential is a humbling experience that has inspired me to follow her lead. I encourage everyone to experience The Life Delicious Urban Wellness Retreat when they are ready to take that next step in reaching their own amazing potential.”

~ Lauren


“I highly, highly recommend The Life Delicious urban wellness retreat! It’s just over two days that will supply you with a lifetime of wellness knowledge. You’ll gain scientific insight into the mind and body that will allow you to live your best life. Catherine’s approach, combined with her years of knowledge and research, allow you to leave the retreat completely empowered and knowing that the life you want is within grasp. She gives you all the tools to live a happy, healthy and expanding life – you just need to use them.”

~ Danielle


“I really enjoyed The Life Delicious urban wellness retreat. It’s a weekend retreat to discover your best self! It provided a holistic approach to health and well being, and opened me up to new ideas and practices that I feel will make me a better human, and I think loved ones close to me will benefit greatly. It re-connected me to a sense of self, but in an environment of like-minded wonderful people. If you are like me and have a stack of self-help books next to your bed, this course is right up your alley :)”

~ Christa


“One of the best weekends ever! So much goodness across many topics – nutrition, exercise, brain and body chemistry, neuroplasticity, meditation, and more and we even worked out, went for a run and ate delicious breakfasts and lunches! Wow! And what I especially loved about it all was that it felt full of ease and I was still able to ‘relax into my brilliance!’ Thank you so much Catherine!”



“Catherine Roscoe Barr is changing lives. Of all the people I’ve met, I truly believe she’s someone who has ‘figured it out’…how to be a happy and well, that is. Her philosophy of moderation is something we can all adhere to, and her principles are often science-based. The life tips she provides in her fun urban wellness retreats are easy take-aways that really can get a person ‘on track’. If you’re unsatisfied career-wise, unmotivated to work-out or eat better, or simply want to reach a new height of happiness and self-contentment, I highly highly recommend you try one of Catherine’s retreats.”

~ Erin


“My husband and I attended The Life Delicious Urban Wellness Retreat and we absolutely LOVED it ! The retreat was perfect for working professionals like ourselves, the format fit perfectly into our schedules, and the location downtown was close and convenient. The Retreat is held in a beautifully designed portion of Stretch Yoga Studio in Chinatown and you can feel the love and good energy in the space the second you walk in the door. Catherine put together a really great program for her attendees and each module was informative, fascinating and empowering. A few of the modules were fitness, yoga and stretching activities for all levels of ability and this was a great way to connect with others, laugh and have fun. The meals were also wonderful and I really enjoyed eating at the communal table and learning more about the other fabulous people that had attended the Wellness Retreat. I connected on so many levels with this retreat, both personally and professionally and on the Monday when I was back to work, I felt renewed, really happy and had a far more positive and balanced approach to all of my life endeavours. I highly recommend The Life Delicious Urban Wellness Retreat and look forward to attending Catherine’s other fantastic events in the future.” 
~ Sarah


“The Life Delicious Urban Wellness Retreat was awesome. The group dynamic was fantastic. The information presented was engaging, fun and most of all, ACTIONABLE. Within 4 hours of leaving the retreat, I had implemented an action step that I took away from the Retreat and it’s made a huge difference. I recommend it to everyone! Catherine is a great leader.”

~ Alain


“Simply put: Catherine is da bomb! I LOVED EVERY MINUTE of her Urban Wellness Retreat! I was hesitant to invest in a wellness course as I thought it would be all like “don’t eat anything but dust and exercise 23 hours a day”. Catherine reassured me that her course was not anything like that and she was totally right. The feeling I walked away with was the permission to do what feels right for my brain and body. I know now that movement should be fun and that I have this inner athlete hidden inside of me that is aching to come out. Catherine’s straight forward and impactful course has ignited a self-love and has given me permission to be myself. Thank you!”

~ Victoria


“Catherine lives what she teaches in a fun and flexible way that is inspired and inspiring, and you can’t help feeling, ‘I want what she’s got!’ I took on the program at a very busy time in my life with the crunch of a young son, husband, family, baby on the way, juggling clients, and while I needed the tools, the knowledge and Catherine’s friendly but firm approach, I didn’t always know how I could fit it in. Catherine helped me realize that my life will probably always be busy and there’s no time like the present to adopt better habits, skills, tools.  The program was a constant reminder that small changes and small actions make a big difference.  Catherine’s program has great ROI.  If you put in the work and time you will see results.  The tools will last a lifetime and can be revisited whenever a reboot is needed.  I recommend the program and think that Catherine is the perfect person to lead, improve and inspire people to create positive change in their lives.” 

~ Kate


“The Life Delicious program has changed my life because it touches on every aspect of daily living: sleep, work, nourishment, movement, relationships, meditation and desire. I am in tune with my stress and feel more confident in my ability to gracefully walk through life with the tools I now possess.  The Life Delicious Program has provided me with relevant, motivating and inspiring resources that I will continue to review and explore for the rest of my life. Because the program is something I continue to refer to, my favourite aspects of the curriculum continue to change. That’s the beauty of it—one day I may need to focus on cultivating brain chemistry, another day I will be all about desire mapping. I guess my favourite aspect of the curriculum is that it is there for me well after my sessions with Catherine have ended. If you are considering taking Catherine’s program be ready to really dive-in. You may be taking the program because you want to increase your productivity at work but find that you improve many other areas of your life.”

~ Katharine


“The Life Delicious program has changed my life immeasurably. I now feel I have the knowledge and tools to better handle life’s knocks and the strains of running a business and the hectic nature of modern life in general. The benefits to both my physical and mental wellbeing have been noticeable and measurable. I am in the best physical condition in years and feel less stress than ever. The program has opened my eyes and changed my views on health and wellbeing in a modern world. I’m a naturally skeptical person who was brought up with a ‘grin and bear it’ mentality however accepting that I could make positive changes through a carefully curated and intelligently driven program has had incredible results. Everyone has the capacity to be a better version of themselves. This program gives you the impetus, guidance and skills to do so – and Catherine’s approach of blending scientific techniques with a real-world environment is a perfect combination to achieve incredible and long-lasting results.” 

~ Simon


“The Life Delicious program has been life changing. I’m healthier and happier with myself inside and out because of it. It changed my mindset in so many ways, I used to see everything with a negative lens and now I see the beauty in life. The program has taught me how to manage my anxiety and stress and how to cope with difficult situations and events. I’m able to navigate experiences with the tools I need to be successful! I challenge myself without the fear of failing and I’m not scared to live anymore. Take the challenge and push yourself – it’s absolutely worth it. At first it seems hard to set aside time to work on yourself and your life, but by the end of the program you won’t know how you got through life before – it’s truly transformational!  

~ Alysa


“My life has absolutely changed for the better; The Life Delicious program opened my eyes to how great life can be when you feel good about yourself.  The lessons learned in this program have helped me survive one of the busiest years I have ever had.  It has been an incredible learning experience and a lesson in self-reflection that I continue to review on a daily basis. It has meant that my life has taken a turn for the positive, and become less stressful and much healthier, both physically and mentally. It has allowed me to put my best self forward every day in both my relationships and career by demonstrating the importance of caring for myself, but has also shown me areas where there is room for improvement, and what I can do to continue down this path of self-betterment.  You won’t regret the positive impact this will have on your life – it begins with small changes that make a huge difference.” 

~ Michele


“Catherine is one of the best human beings I know – her positivity is infectious, and her knowledge of how mind, body and spirit work come from an innate sense and deep-rooted passion for all three. Her program is the perfect blend of the aforementioned, with enough resources to take with you once it is complete. I would recommend The Life Delicious for anyone looking to continue evolving as a human, and I’m honoured to call Catherine a friend and, above all, an inspiration.”

~ May


“Taking The Life Delicious program was one of the greatest gifts I’ve given myself. It was an investment in my health, wellbeing and overall happiness. I’ve made small changes and continue to see lasting results.”    

~ Andrea


“That all-or-nothing doesn’t need to exist was probably the biggest take away and has helped me kick some habits and continue with semi-healthy eating even on lazy days.  In the past I would write off a day and just eat junk all day if the morning didn’t go according to plan, or stresses made me want to not cook, etc.  This has also helped with trying to work out more often instead of just stopping completely when I missed a day or two in a week. Although I found journaling the most tedious and time consuming part of the program I really liked how it made me take a minute to think about how various activities/meals made me FEEL.  It was a great way to reflect on things instead of just going with the flow all the time.  Having the ability to look back on my thoughts was really helpful and gave me a good overview of my habits and of the biggest areas that need addressing for change/improvement.  The review part of journaling is really helpful.”

~ Perry


“When I started this program, I had just weathered a significant number of personal changes in my life, and was looking to refocus my energy on ME. I considered myself a fairly active, positive, and capable person, but for the first time in a long time I really felt like I needed some kind of guidance. A “wellness coach” can sound like a very frivolous, self-indulged endeavour, but I connected with The Life Delicious because of its approachable and pragmatic nature, and its focus on the Trifecta of Wellness. Wellness is a life-long pursuit, and The Life Delicious helps provide you with foundational tools that you can rely on well beyond finishing the program.”

~ Liz


“Catherine is such an inspiring individual on so many levels. With her program she shows you how to make serious changes in your life through health, mindset and most importantly how stress can play such a major factor in all of this. Through her guidance and experience in not only wellness but also cuisine she gives great tips on recipes, work outs and new life-changing ways to set you on a new path.”

~ Sam


“The Life Delicious program helped me see the holistic approach to health. I definitely had old ideas and old notions about what healthy was, and why someone would want to achieve it. I think I saw it more as a project that had a beginning, middle and end instead of a lifelong journey. The program taught me that seemingly small adjustments made a huge difference to my overall feeling of wellbeing, and that you can’t have optimum health without a strong mental component.”

~ Jessica


“When I first started The Life Delicious program I had little time for myself let alone a healthy lifestyle.  I enjoyed the program and how easy it was to feel good about small choices. Not only did I lose weight but thru the program I learned what it looks like to have a healthy balanced life. Catherine is a wonderful coach and I recommend this program to others!”

~ Alison

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Foundation Retreat: Friday, June 3

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